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SASSXX02 : Assembly error ASMA0570E Undefined operation code - IEESM/IEZBITS


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CA 7 Workload Automation


In Workload Automation CA7 Edition, SASSXX02 is the JCL Submission Exit.  
The Exit purpose is to add, delete, or change JCL statements or control statements immediately preceding job submission. Changes made to JCL by this exit are not reflected in the queue JCL. 
It can be implemented using the  CAL2OPTN member AL2UM18

It can happen to see the following error during the exit assembly phase: 

                                  3622          IEESMCA

 ** ASMA057E Undefined operation code - IEESM/IEZBITS
 ** ASMA435I Record 255 in SYS1.MACLIB(IEESMCA) on volume: vvvvvv

How to bypass it and correctly install the exit ? 


Z/OS - Workload Automation CA7 Edition 


When the above occurs, it is necessary to locate the output listing section titled 'SMP APPLY    FILE ALLOCATION REPORT' and search for the DDNAME SYSLIB. 

 This is because in general the error is caused by the fact that the System libraries  SYS1.AMODGEN and SYS1.MODGEN are not present in this concatenation, so they should be added as DDDEF in the SMP/E CSI definitions or explicitly pointed by the //SYSLIB DD in the jcl used for the Exit installation.