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Client Automation - Launch Signature Scan from NRI Agent


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CA Client Automation - IT Client Manager CA Client Automation


Here is explained in few steps how to use NRI Agent correctly when the target machine has no access to same network that Domain Manager is, therefore, it has not access to Client Automation's Web Services.

How to launch Signature Scan from NRI Agent?


Client Automation r14 and above


1.- On Domain Manager navigate to ..CA\DSM\Web Console\webapps\wac\jsp\ei\wl\windows and take a copy of the whole content of it and place it in another folder (for example, "NRI_Agent").

2.- Now take a copy of the signature files from the Domain Manager, which are placed in 2 locations (both must have the same number on its name):

a. .ZML file is located under ..CA\DSM\ServerDB\SECTOR\SSFW
b. .XML file is located under C:\ProgramData\CA\eso_fingerprints ("ProgramData" is a hidden folder).

3.- Copy both files to the previously created folder "NRI_Agent".

4.- Rename both files to "W0000001.XML" and "W0000001.ZML" (previously deleting the original files)

5.- On "NRI_Agent" folder, create a new folder called "output".

6.- Navigate to ..NRI_Agent\packages and locate a file called "adv.ini" and open it.

7.- Here you need to be sure that the following lines has the next values:

Line #2 = OutputFolder=..\output (folder created in step #5)
Line #18 = Method=2 (for Signature Scan)

8.- Copy this whole "NRI_Agent" folder to any machine, open a command prompt and navigate to ..NRI_Agent\packages and run the following command:

cmNriAgent.exe  - script .\adv.ini

9.- After few minutes, a .XIU file will be created inside ..NRI_Agent\output. This file can be manually copied into ..CA\DSM\AssetCollectorCollect folder and the Domain Manager will process this file and add the target machine to All Computers folders.