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What is the channel code "Queued" option for and how does it work?


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CA Mobile Device Management


I have a question for the engineering team about channel code. The Execute Program event has several options for when to execute the event. The options are: Queued Wait Infinite Wait for [XX:XX] Don’t Wait We believe we know what the wait options do as they’re fairly self-explanatory. However, we don’t really understand what Queued does. Can this be explained?


MDM 18.1


“The Queued option queues the program for background processing, rather than executing the program directly. Using this option allows the CA MDM Server to manage resources within the context of the current CA MDM operations.
The Queue option is completely CAMDM Specific, not OS specific. The result of the Execute Program event with the Queued option is always successful.
The result is successful when it is added to the queue for processing, rather than running the program.”
Now as per the testing, queued option will keep the execution in a queue. But the execution will depend on the CAMDM server. In Connection logs,
you can observe the queue option execution status as successful always as it is already added to the queue. This status is purely based on adding on the queue,
not on the end execution of the task.

<Please see attached file for image>

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If you see on the above screenshot, two exe’s execution is mentioned in the queue. When they will add in the queue, the status will be successful. You can see here:

<Please see attached file for image>

id="m_8181128488476640096Picture_x0020_2" alt="cid:[email protected]" height="403" src="" style="width: 8.0208in; height: 4.1979in;" width="770">

<Please see attached file for image>

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But in the connection log, the option can vary. Although in channel, option is declared as “Queued”, log is showing here as “DON’T WAIT”. This is basically based on the execution.
If it executes immediately it will come as a “DON’T WAIT’. If during the execution, server is restarted and execution didn’t complete, it will display as “WAIT INFINITE”


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