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Dollar Universe - How to reinitialize Resource condition data files


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


When jobs with logical resource conditions are cancelled after they go into event wait status, it may be necessary to reinitialize the following resource data files:

u_fmeq60.dta           Quotas occupied for each Resource
u_fmqr60.dta            Quotas available for each Resource
u_fmqp60.dta           Quota reservations for logical Resources
u_fmer60.dta            Expected Resource events



Dollar Universe 6.x


1) Load the Dollar Universe environment: 
   - unienv

2) Stop Dollar Universe. From the bin folder, run:
   - unistop

3) Backup the impacted data files

4) From the bin folder, run the following commands for the Production area:
   - uxrazfic u_fmeq60 
   - uxrazfic u_fmqr60 
   - uxrazfic u_fmqp60
   - uxrazfic u_fmer60 X  ( only u_fmer60 is related to the area )
5)  run an offline reorg:
   - unireorg
6) Start Dollar Universe:
   - unistart

Additional Information

You need to do this when the jobs in event wait (due to the logical resources) have been previously cancelled.