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"Not a valid APM Database" during CA APM v10.7 installation


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CA Application Performance Management Agent (APM / Wily / Introscope) INTROSCOPE


The GUI installation fails with message:
Not a valid APM database
<DB Host> has APM database of older version



Per engineering, the customer is performing the installation of 10.7 using "Existing Schema" which means it uses the schema of the older version (in this case 10.1.x version). In this case, if the latest version if 10.7 APM has changes related to schema, then the functionality might not work as expected using 10.1.x schema.

Per engineering , installer we should point to  the current release schema when “existing schema” option is selected. Only when we select “Create or upgrade schema” option we can point to older version schema


CA APM v10.7
Windows server 2012 R2
Oracle 12cR1

GUI install - using "GEN500000000000802"


Select "Create or Upgrade" Database or Manually Upgrade Oracle Database

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