TDM Model Service Failing - Not able to work with Portal


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


    We are trying to register new object using CA TDM. But table list is not getting populated for given Data source present in SQL Server.
When we did observed the network response, we can see that TDM Model Service is getting failed with below error:

    "Error deploying web application archive C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\tomcat\webapps\TDMModelService.war"
This is happening with TDM Orchestration Service as well.


After further analysis from TDMModelservice.log file, there are error related to database schema
We noticed an error from Model service log as below. 

 [WARN ] [localhost-startStop-8 ] --- [U:][M:][P:] o.h.e.j.s.SqlExceptionHelper: SQL Error: 2797, SQLState: S0001 
 UTC [ERROR] [localhost-startStop-8 ] --- [U:][M:][P:] o.h.e.j.s.SqlExceptionHelper: The default schema does not exist. 


CA TDM 4.7
Database: SQL Server with windows authentication.


To resolve this issue, make below changes to user account used for DB connection:
    1) Make sure user has windows folder level permissions (Read/write).
    2) For service account user, added default schema as 'dbo' on repository database GTREP.  using the query: ALTER USER [YOURDOMAIN\HotTester] WITH DEFAULT_SCHEMA=[dbo] 

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