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Increasing JVM memory used by CDD


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Continuous Delivery Director SAAS


This article outlines how to increase the JVM memory used by Continuous Delivery Director.

We ran out of Memory in the CDD node1 which required a restart to clear the memory. As per Gregg documenting the issue to determine next steps and if we should increase the memory on the VM


CA Continuous Delivery Director


The steps outlined here where tested/confirmed using 8.5.38. Since this is more of an Apache Tomcat configuration it is recommended to research if these steps are valid:
a. With the version of Tomcat that you're using; and
b. In a test environment. These steps should not be made in production without being tested first - taking care to test with the same version of Tomcat as is being used in production. 
  1. Run: services.msc
  2. Take note of the "Service name" and "Path to executable" values.
  3. Open a command prompt and change directory (cd) to the "Path to executable" value from step #2.
  4. Run <Service name value from step#2>w.exe //ES//<Service name value from step #2> 
  • Note1: Please take note of the "w" in step 4's named executable.
  • Note2: Running this ...w.exe is multi-purpose. It serves to:
  1. Validate the service name used when adjusting the memory settingsg.
  2. Check to see the current memory settings. To do this go to the Java tab.
  1. The <tomcatServiceName>w.exe binary opens a window that allows you to set the initial memory pool (--JvmMs) and Maximum memory pool (--JvmMx). Use these fields to adjust the settings accordingly for your environment. 
    1. For the settings to take effect please stop and start your Tomcat service.

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