User Certification Report Show all Result with PENDING icon Status


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From JasperServer the "Result" Status for the "User Certification Report" is Showed with "Pending" Status Icon which does not match with the 
value when digging further on Results details for an specific user report.
The Results must be "Approved" for all Task  , but Icons Shows as "Pending" Status. 


User_Certification.jrxml missed Syntax at Line number: 916 or 917 is wrong/truncated :


Identity Governance (IG) 12.65 
Windows 2012


1. From jasper server console, View -> Repository , Under Organization Expand IG and then IG folder again.
2. From IG, Expand “resources” -> jrxml , 
3. Right click on User_Certification.jrxml , select “Export”
4. Extract the zip file.
From  export\resources\organizations\IG\IG\resources\jrxml

5. rename  the file “” to User_Certification.jrxml

6. edited the file and detected the Line number: 916 or 917 is wrong: <imageExpression><![CDATA["repo:pending.png"]]></imageExpression>

This needs to be changed to correct one: 

 <imageExpression><![CDATA[$F{ACTION_TYPE}==null? "pending.png":$F{ACTION_TYPE}.equalsIgnoreCase("REASSIGN")?

7. Upload the File from Local Computer to JasperServer Reports by using,   right click on “User_Certification.jrxml” , select “Edit” 
8. “Choose File” on Path to File (required) and select the File name modified previously.
9. Browse to export\resources\organizations\IG\IG\resources\jrxml  folder, and select the Corrected file.
10. Once selected the file click on Open button and then click on “Submit” button
11. Click on reports again, and select the “Certification” report you recently uploaded.

12. From jasperserver Repository –> Menu-> Run the selected report
a) select the certification Name, ie : cert1
b) From “Select value(s) Status” , select “Approved”
c) From ““Select value(s) fo  Reviewer User Name”, Select “All”
d) Confirm the Icons are now correctly displayed “Approved”