Report 83 - Footprint Exception report shows almost every LOADMOD with C1R026W error


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Trying to integrate Endevor with CA MAT (Mainframe Application Tuner) and one of the requirements is that Endevor must have FOOTPRINTS turned on. Not an Endevor administrator and our current staff is no longer familiar with how Endevor was setup, so have been running reports to verify that we do indeed have Footprints turned on. One of the reports I ran is the REPORT83, but almost every LOADMOD is showing as C1R026W THE FOOTPRINT ENVIRONMENT/STAGE WAS NOT FOUND Is this normal? What is the real meaning of the message as the manual shows practically nothing.


Component: ENDBAS


The cause for the C1R026W:
The element ABCXZY1 was generated on 01apr08 @ 08:27.
The element ABCXYZ1 was then moved on 01apr08 @ 13:01
It appears that during the move the a link occured which created a new footprint for the *LOADMOD.

To verify this information you can do the following 

1. Go into Endevor and type an M  next to the element in questions - this will get the master display  
     Verify the last action date and time 

2. For footprint - go to the footprint display panel 
1 for display 
2 for footprint 
type in the load library for the element in quesiton hit enter 
then type an I next to the element 
Does the footprint match the last date and time? 
If in doubt or need further assistance please open a case with the Endevor Support Team.