How can I set, or change the session timeout for an individual, or group of users


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How can a session timeout for an individual, or group of users in Roscoe be setup? What is a good process? 


any z/OS
any level of Roscoe


In the Roscoe startup parameters you cna use the AUTOFF=ON or OFF settings.  
When AUTOFF in SYSIN parameter has ON, you can not change this to       
OFF by normal command. To make it OFF, you need to code AUTEXIT.        
When AUTOFF has OFF, you can change it to ON by SET AUTOFF ON command.  
Roscoe provides ONRPF for RPF to run during signon.                     
To use both AUTOFF ON and OFF by each user, set AUTOFF = OFF in sysin   
parameter, and define a RPF to code  SET AUTOFF ON by each user.        
This is RPF example ; When user is other than USER001, USER002, USER003,
                      issue SET AUTOFF ON.                              
  WHEN (S.KEY EQ 'UESR001')                                             
  WHEN (S.KEY EQ 'UESR002')                                             
  WHEN (S.KEY EQ 'UESR003')                                             
  WHEN NONE                                                             
    SET AUTOFF ON                                                       

Additional Information

See the RPF Laguage Guide for Roscoe for details on setting up an RPF