SOI - UIM alert stopped appearing on the console


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


No new UIM alert's are appearing on the SOI console. Old UIM alert's are not getting updated either. 

The problem started happening after the UIM server was rebooted. 


Release: SSADSC99000-4.2-Service Operations Insight-Data Source Capacity


When UIM server is rebooted the UIM connector gets disconnected from the catalyst queue.
- On the UIM IM select the primary hub and double click, bring up the Status tab, this is where catalyst queue is listed. Make sure you don't have large number of alert not queued, if so then delete them so        that UIM connector don't start pulling all those large number of alert when the connector is recycled, this is to prevent data overload on the connector .
- Go to the UIM connector machine and recycle  "CA Catalyst Container CatalystConnector" service