Does CA Scheduler Job Management need to be restarted after changing an installation option?


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CA Scheduler Job Management


The CA Scheduler installation options are initialized by the CAIRIM program (CAS9) which must be executed before bringing up the Scheduler started task.   
CA Scheduler SAMPJCL library, member name CHINIT is the sample CAIRIM job.
CA Scheduler CAIOPTN library, member name CHINIT contains the installation options.

Does CA Scheduler need to be restarted after changing a CA Scheduler installation option? 


CA Scheduler Job Management release 11.0
Operating system: z/OS


After changing any of the CA Scheduler installation options,  the following must be done for the changes to become effective: 

1. Shutdown the CA Scheduler started task. 
    Example: F caschd,SHUTDOWN 

2. Run the CAS9 proc (PGM=CAIRIM) to initialize CA Scheduler.

3. Start the CA Scheduler started task.

Additional Information

CA Scheduler Job Management Systems Programmer Guide:
. Section 2 Initialization
, Section 4 Console Communications