Can Resource unique IDs be changed?


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Clarity PPM On Premise


The resource ID is uneditable. How can the resource ID be changed?


Users that have been entered into the system cannot be deleted, but can be locked and inactive. 

Resource IDs are often tied to Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP authentication.





Clarity Resource IDs can only be changed if a user is not yet financially-enabled.

Usernames cannot be changed via XOG. 

From the Active Directory authentication stand point,  the username must match whatever is mapped to username in the CSA in order for LDAP to work. 

In the case of Active Directory, it is almost always sAMAccountName.

In Clarity, change the resource ids individually via the UI with the external authentication option unchecked and then check it again and save.

Resource IDs can be changed via the UI if the user has not been financially enabled, otherwise, there is no supported way to change it.

So long as the user has not been financially-enabled, the username can be changed. If the user has already been financially-enabled, then the unique name cannot be changed.

As soon as the resource properties page fields are populated:

Financial Department, Financial Location, Transaction Class and Resource Class

The resource id will no longer be editable, so if any of the mentioned attributes have data, the resource id cannot be changed. 

The resolution going forward is to continue using the current username or deactivate the current username and create a new username.