Policy Engines not receiving updates for particular users


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CA Data Protection (DataMinder)


We have an issue in which a users role is updated in the CMS and it appears that update does not go out to all the PE servers. Is there a way to update those servers manually?


wigan/infrastruct/replication/InfraMonitor ObjectResync

Parameters: Where: is either ‘User’,’Group’,’Machine’, or ‘Policy’ are the primary key of the object in question.

Example: ObjectResync User 1 100

wigan/infrastruct/replication/InfraMonitor ObjectResync User 1 100

When run on a CMS or GW this command forces resynchronisation of the specified object on all child machines that reference the object. The resynchronization of the object will occur during the next replication from the parent to the child machine. If this command is run on a client machine then it forces the client machine to get the object from its local database, and if it does not exist locally, to retrieve if from its parent machine.