Can a user add a new session to their CA Teleview menu with USERMENU?
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Can a user add a new session to their CA Teleview menu with USERMENU?


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Can a user add a new session to their CA Teleview menu with USERMENU?


Teleview 4.4


No, a user cannot add a new application that has not already been allocated to their list during signon.

You can think of USERMENU as a HIDE/SHOW function.  This does not allow a user to dynamically add new applications to their menu. USERMENU manipulates the user resultant applications (session list) that they get from the sign-on process to Teleview.

If a user has the DYNAMIC application on their menu, then they select DYNAMIC and route to any accessible application provided they specify the APPLID. 

A user session list can come from a profile or even be generated by the global security exit base security call (user coded VSON, if used). In addition, if a new application is added to the resultant session list and the user has already used USERMENU to modify their menu, then the new application will not appear until the user adds it to his active list with USERMENU. 

There are many ways to get the session list. The user may be pointed to a default profile or a group or department profile or dynamically generated by security calls (VSON or VSLX exit). In general, the Teleview administrator can add an application to a profile that user points to, like by INSTDATA. If they implement dynamic session in VSON, then the security administrator would create some entry to USER. 

The above assumes dynamic users. For static users the administrator would update the user to have applications in their user session list or a profile that the user is assigned. In addition, a static user can be pointed to a user list that has a profile plus individual applications.

Additional Information

From the CA Teleview User Guide:


The USERMENU internal application is a facility that allows you to alter the appearance of your CA-Teleview Main Menu. You can select which of your authorized applications will appear, and in what order. With USERMENU, you can Add, Delete, or Update applications on the Main Menu. Also you can change data on the Main Menu. The only exception is that you cannot change the System Name for an active session. 


Chapter 5. Internal User Applications

This chapter describes how to use the various internal user applications built into CA-Teleview. The discussion here is from a user's point of view. Administrative information about these applications can be found in the CA-Teleview Administrator Guide.

Depending upon the nature of your environment, all of these applications may not be available to you. This is an administrative decision and questions of availability should be brought to the attention of your CA-Teleview system administrator. The following briefly describes the purpose of each application.

  • CUTPASTE allows you to move data between application sessions.
  • DYNAMIC allows you to log on to VTAM applications not on the main menu.
  • EDIT/BROWSE allows you to create and browse REXX session procedures.
  • HARDCOPY provides hard copy printouts of active CA-Teleview session panels.
  • MENU (Extended) an extended menu facility that allows you to group similar or related applications from the main menu onto another menu.
  • MSG (Message) allows you to send messages to other CA-Teleview terminals.
  • NEWS/HELP provides online news and help.
  • PROFILE allows you to modify records that control your access to CA-Teleview.
  • USERMENU allows you to customize your CA-Teleview Main Menu panel by selecting which authorized applications will appear and in what order.
  • WINDOW allows you to divide your screen to view parts of more than one screen at a time.