ESMPROC failing after IPL with CC=100. ZosCertificateService


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ESMPROC is failing with a CC=100 due to keyring alias issues.  In Java logs for ESMSERV can see lines like the following during startup:
12:46:50.346 [main] DEBUG - loadServerKeyPair() - Key Alias: ESMALIAS
12:46:50.346 [main] ERROR - loadServerKeyPair() - Problem Reading Certificate from Key
 ring. Make sure you supplied the Key Alias with the right value! {}

Further information can be added to the logs if the SSL HANDSHAKE debugging option is turned on in &CAI..CAW0OPTV(ESMENV)

# Enable SSL debugging in the ESm Microservice
#     Uncomment only as directed by Support
#     Warning:  This will generate a lot of output into the log
IJO="$IJO"         <--- uncomment this line



ESMENV file is not using the proper ALIAS name for the keyring attached to the proc that houses the certificates.  CA ACF2 cannot find the proper keyring with the certificates for the ESMSERV proc by this alias name.




For the ALIAS value in &CAI..CAW0OPTV(ESMENV), specify the LABEL value of the server certificate used in the GENCERT command.  If no LABEL is provided on the GENCERT command, ACF2 defaults to the record ID used in the GENCERT command.

For example, the GENCERT might be:

SUBJ(CN='' OU='Business Unit' -
O='Company Inc.' L='City' ST=\ST -
EMAIL='[email protected]') -

So, in this case, the alias is "ESMSERV.ESMSERVR" due to the LABEL.

Update the ESMENV member as follows:

Change => IJO="$IJO -Dserver.ssl.key-alias=\"ESMALIAS\""
To => IJO="$IJO -Dserver.ssl.key-alias=\"ESMSERV.ESMSERVR\""