I received messages RMOCPT05 or RMOCPT04 or both, my Checkpoint utilization if too big or my checkpoint is full, how do I proceed?


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What options do I have if my checkpoint file utilization is too high or my checkpoint is full?




If you receive the error messages:
RMOCPT05 nn percent utilization of checkpoint DSN=Deliver database name.C0000001
or this message:
RMOCPT04 No more room in checkpoint
Your options are:
1. If your checkpoint is not at the max size you can use the RMODBASE utility and the MAKECKPT control statement to expand the size of the checkpoint .
2. If is it at max size you can run   RMOGRW08 from CAI.CVDEJCL to identify reports that can be deactivated. RMORAP then deactivates the reports freeing space that can be used. If the number of entries approaches the capacity of the checkpoint,
3.If the above fails to free the space needed  you can use the RMODBASE utility and the MAKECKPT control statement and the EMPTY parameter to clear you checkpoint.
NOTE: Using the Empty option will initialize the checkpoint file and any records in use will be lost. Reports may not bundle properly.