LDE considerations when applying product change IMS6680


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CA MICS Resource Management


Applying product change IMS6680;
When I select IMS6680 from the select product change menu, a large number of LDE changes get selected.

Checked the IMSOPS and we do not use LDE. It appears the PSPOVER entry in the TAPELOAD.CNTL did not have the PRODEXCL = LDE coded, therefore, the LDE to IMS relationship is being enforced.

When IMS6680 is selected the co-req LDE6680 and many older entries for LDE are being dragged in. The result is the Apply job does not get built because the older LDE entries are not in PSP.CNTL or Localmod.

Since we do not and never have used LDE, if I add the PRODEXCL = LDE to PSPOVER and then from the PSP utility menu select 1- Receive new PSP tables, will the LDE dependency be dropped ?

I tried forcing the IMS6680 change, to ignore the co-req/pre-req (IMS6665 is on).. However, the build of the apply job still failed because the LDE entries could not be located.

Any suggestions on how I can get these IMS changes on and get around this LDE issue ?


Component: MICS


You need to just apply the LDE change, but do not have to do the LDE checklist.
By doing that, it just keeps the MICS PSP component status complete.

Additional Information

You can run the following JCL to mark those old LDE maintenance applied. 

//your JOB card 
// JCLLIB ORDER=sharedprefix.PROCLIB 

You can repeat the AUDIT step for every LDE maintenance that is unapplied. 

It is not required to install the LDE maintenance, but then it just lingers in the PSP panels as unapplied as you're now seeing. This will clean that up. 

Another reason why it's best to just apply the maintenance even though LDE is not used.