How do I implement online base calendars in CA7?
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How do I implement online base calendars in CA7?


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CA 7 Workload Automation


How do I enable the DB.2.8 Base Calendar build feature in CA 7?


Release: ESPSEV99000-11.1-CA-7-Extended Support Plus


To enable the online calendar feature in CA7 you will need to add the CALENDAR statement to the initialization deck (file referenced by DD statement UCC7IN in your CA7 startup proc. For example: 


DSN= will reference a standard fixed block, 80 byte pds data set that can be used to store the calendar members. 

Additionally, if you want to transition from using the Calendar Macro to using the CALMOD (DB.2.8) online method, you will need to add the CALENDAR statement to CA 7 and restart CA 7, all the calendar modules referenced by the CALBLK=SCALyyxx statements in the INIT file will be automatically copied to the data set at startup. Check your CA7 startup log for messages that indicate calendar SCALyyxx has been copied to the new calendar PDS library (CA-7.ILCA - SCALyynn NOW ON CALENDAR LIBRARY). Once they have been copied the first time, you can remove these CALBLK statements if you want. Going forward, calendars can be built directly from the DB.2.8 panel, or you can continue to use the batch calendar macro job to build them (reference sample AL2UM01P in your sample JCL library). Keep in mind that this builds them to the calendar loadlib (not the calendar PDS). IF the macro is used, you have 2 choices to have them copied to the CALENDAR PDS. 
1.Add CALBLK statements for the new calendars to the CA7 INIT file and bounce CA7 or, 
2.On the DB.2.8 panel of CA7, issue the REFRESH or LIST command for each of the newly created calendars. 


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