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Rally - On-premises: How to get complete logs from On Premise versions 2018.x and older


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CA Agile Central On Premise (Rally)


The support bundle is a good way to get a quick set of logs, however they are not comprehensive and often only contain logs since the system was last started.  It is often necessary to look at older logs or investigate the GC logs to analyze memory usage.

This requires root access to the appliance.
If root access is not available, please follow the instructions in this article:


Release: 2018.1
Component: ACPREM


SSH into the appliance
Run the following commands:
# cd /home/appuser/domains 
# tar -cvzf logs.tar.gz * 

Using SCP, transfer the files off of the appliance.  

SCP in Windows

WinSCP is an easy to use tool for Windows

SCP in Mac or Linux

$ scp [email protected]<rallyappliance address>:/home/appuser/domains/logs.tar.gz .

Additional Information

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