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A portlet (custom or OOTB) or page slow for one user only (certain users)


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Symptoms are that the page/portlet would be slow for some users, but not for others. It could be:

  • Custom portlet based on NSQL 
  • OOTB portlet
  • OOTB page

It usually happens suddenly with no change, and the action may be running well on lower environments


If we do a SQL trace we can see a slow query taking in some cases 10+ minutes. If we fetch the parameters in the query and run it directly on the database it's quite fast.
This meant the issue is with the database Oracle explain plan/ execution plan and the difference comes from the bind variables.





Work with the DBA team and the user running the action in real time to modify the explain/execution plan for the slow query (tune it).

This will resolve the problem