What is the Job Log or Uproc Script naming convention on version 6?


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CA Automic Dollar Universe



How can I identify what is the file within the folder log/area that corresponds to a given Uproc Execution on version 6 as the files do not contain the Uproc name?
How can I identify the Uproc CL_INT script in the folder data/area/upr ?


Dollar Universe 6


The Job Log naming convention changed on version 6 as the Object Name Lenght ( Uproc / Session ...)  names were increased from 10 characters to 64 characters.
As a result, on  Dollar Universe 6, IDs are used instead of the Object Names on the Uproc Scripts and Job Logs.

On version 5, the Job Log was as follows:

On version 6, the Job Log is as follows:

Where the variable S_ID_UG corresponds to the ID of the Management Unit and S_ID_UPROC corresponds to the ID of the Uproc.
In case you need to find out the ID's of the object, you can launch the command "universe" as explained in the documentation.