CAPC not connecting to Data Aggregator
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CAPC not connecting to Data Aggregator


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Performance Center is reporting it is unable to contact the Data Aggregator "A communication failure occurred while synchronizing with the data source"
Testing the Data Aggregator data source also fails
Checking the Data Aggregator, dadaemon and activemq are running and it is listening on port 8581
But when you try to connect via web browser to http://<DA>:8581 you get an error connecting
Running curl http://<DA>:8581 from the DA itself, also gets a 404 error


Dx NetOps Performance Management all versions


The Data Aggregator is low on disk space


1. Free up disk space by deleting any backup "Data" folders under /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-2.4.3/

2. Also, delete any files found in "/opt/IMDataAggregator/app/dto_error"   per

3. Stop dadaemon and activemq;  "systemctl stop dadaemon" and "systemctl stop activemq"

4. Rename /opt/IMDataAggregator/apache-karaf-2.4.3/Data

5. Start dadaemon; "systemctl start dadaemon"

Additional Information

There may be other files that are filling up disk space. Remove anything that doesn't need to be in the /opt partition, or whichever partition Data Aggregator is install on