LND Connector : NotesException: A database name must be provided


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When applying a provisioning role or an account template to a Lotus Notes account, an error appears in the Identity Manager logs and the update fails.
the error contains the string "Unable to set mailfile quota or threshold due to: : NotesException: A database name must be provided".


The cause seems to be around the attribute the error complains about. In this case the mailfile threshold and the quota.
More information can be viewed in the actual error message yu are receiving.


Identity Manager 14.x


In this particular issue, the attributes of eTLNDMailFileQuota and eTLNDMailThreshold were cleared as they are not used or required on the endpoint. However, in a more generic approach, there is a need to identify the correlating attributes on the Identity Manager side and make sure these are set correctly.
In short, the account template was not configured correctly.

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