Clarity PPM: APP and BG services fail to start after upgrade to 15.5.1


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The following appears as the app and/or bg service tries to start.

Starting Niku Server [app]...
Waiting for Niku Server [app]......................
....WARNING: Niku Server [app] may have failed to start.
Starting CA PPM Background Server [bg]...
Waiting for CA PPM Background Server [bg]......................
..WARNING: CA PPM Background Server [bg] may have failed to start.


This is due to an invalid JVM parameter list entered in the CSA / properties.xml fille.



Component: PPMPRD


Review the corresponding app-system.log or bg-system.log to find out the exact error.

1. Make a copy of the properties.xml file.
2. Remove the invalid parameter specified in the app-system.log or bg-system.log.
3. Restart NSA and affected app/bg service to see if problem persists.
4. Repeat as necessary until the service starts.

Note: The following example of the JVM parameter list will work:
-Xms512m -Xmx2048m -XX:-UseGCOverheadLimit -DforceMemorySettings=false -XX:MaxMetaspaceSize=300m