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APP OR BG Service Fails To Start After Upgrade


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The following appears as the app and/or bg service tries to start.

Starting Niku Server [app]...
Waiting for Niku Server [app]......................
....WARNING: Niku Server [app] may have failed to start.
Starting CA PPM Background Server [bg]...
Waiting for CA PPM Background Server [bg]......................
..WARNING: CA PPM Background Server [bg] may have failed to start.




Release: ALL


The following best practices/steps will ensure the service start and stay running.

A. Review the corresponding app-system.log or bg-system.log to find out the exact error.

B. Make a copy of the properties.xml file. If changes are recommended, the backup will exist if the properties.xml file gets corrupted.
-Remove any invalid parameters specified in the app-system.log or bg-system.log
-Restart NSA and affected app/bg service to see if problem persists.
-Repeat as necessary until all services restart and stay up.

C. Be sure the file system is copied in whole with no missing or mismatched file versions before upgrading.
If needed, use the file system provided by Broadcom in rule out any missing or corrupt files.