CA SYSVIEW for DB2 shows rc-00000065 rs-00000000 PXN Xnet inactive message


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CA SYSVIEW MVS monitor no longer  shows DB2 metrics (option 6).  
The CA SYSVIEW for DB2 (IDB2) joblog shows the message: rc-00000065 rs-00000000  (rc 101) PXN Xnet inactive  


The message: rc-00000065 rs-00000000 indicates to the SYSVIEW for DB2 (IDB2) Data Collector (DC)
that there is no  active XNET STC running. The XNET STC was successfully up and running and coupled with the
XMANAGER STC via the XMANID of 1900, but the problem was that the IDB2 DC's  IDDCPRMS sysparm member was using a suffix
when resolved referenced a SETUPxx member that pointed to a different XMANID other than the 1900 being used by XNET and XMANAGER.


Component: IDB2


Correcting the SUFFIX= parameter in the IDB2 DC's IDDCPRMS member to resolve to the correct SETUPxx member
to reference the same XMANID being used by the XNET / XMANAGER pairing (in this case 1900) proved corrective.