CCA-AA-9201: User Authentication Failed


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When attempting to install a CCA Agent, the following error appears:
CCA-AA-9201: User Authentication Failed


Component: CAACM


As this can refer to numerous reasons, here is a list of items that can be checked \ validated to ensure the user can authenticate

Q. Are the EEM services started?
A. CCA Service and both EEM Services ("iTechnoilogy iGateway" and "CA Directory - itechpox")  must be started

Q. Is EEM setup for native authenticate or Active Directory / LDAP?
A. Both are supported, however, if LDAP binding is incorrect, then this can be a cause

Q. Is the user able to log into directly to EEM? 
A. Users must be able to directly log into EEM 

Q. What format is the username in?
A.  If the authentication is set for AD, then the username format should be: domain\user, otherwise just the username is required

Q. Are other users able to login?  
A. If not, it may be a password issue.  For native authentication, this can be configured within EEM UI, otherwise the Domain password needs to be validated

Q.  Does the user have an application "added" to "CCA" within EEM?
A. This is required and can be done when clicking on the user within EEM UI.  A button on top right will appear saying "Add Application", select "CCA" and hit save.  This will allow the user's profile to be mapped to the CCA Application