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Performance Management URL to download full PDF fails


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CA Infrastructure Management CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Users are received scheduled Dashboard reports from Performance Management via email. These are set up to send full PDF reports. As a result the users are receiving an email that contains a URL to download the full PDF report.

When the users select the reports they fail with communications errors in the browser.

The IP address in the URL is a valid IP address on the Performance Center server, but is not accessible to users via browsers or other means. It is not the correct IP address that users should be, and are allowed to access, to reach the Performance Center server.


The Performance Center server is configured with dual NICs and has more than one IP configured and active. When Performance Center was installed, it selected the IP address that the server responded with, the one that isn't accessible to users instead of the one that is.


Performance Management releases r3.6 or newer


The IP address in the report URL in the users email is pulled by the software from the Web Site Host value in the Performance Center configuration. This is controlled using the SsoConfig tool.

In the Update Performance Center Website Settings documentation Step 7, value/item 7, it details the value to change that will resolve this.

7. Web Site Host
Specifies the URL host for all access to the Performance Center website.

Note: To use a specified hostname in emails instead of the IP address for the Performance Center host, set the Remote Value to that hostname.

If we follow the instructions in the documentation, setting Remote Value for the Web Site Host to the required IP address or host name that allows users access, it will resolve the problem.

Additional Information

To test after implementing the change send a Dashboard set to Full PDF via Scheduled Email UI using the Run Now option. The email should arrive with the new IP or host name set in the Remote Value for Web Site Host.