Linux Service Monitoring


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Customers may want to monitor Linux services which in some cases do not have a dedicated underlying process.


- UIM 8.51 or higher


Options include:

1. processes probe
You can use the processes probe to monitor the underlying process for a given service if it exists. 
For instance you can monitor the HTTP service, e.g., httpd. 

2. rsp probe
To retrieve remote data, the rsp probe uses commands on UNIX/Linux systems on SSH, using port 22 
Note: The probe supports only password-based and key based authentication. Keyboard-Interactive and authentication less method are not supported. If the UNIX-based remote server is not password-based or key-based authentication that is enabled, the rsp probe is unable to discover the remote host. 

3. logmon probe
If there is no dedicated process that is associated with a given Linux service, you could use logmon to run a command, e.g., service iptables status, and then parse the output, generate QOS/alarms, etc.