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This article specifies how to do a new install of Web Viewer 12.1 on an existing server that has been upgraded with a new version of Windows. In this case the new version is Windows Server 2016 Standard.

Much of this information will be useful for other upgrades as well.


MS Windows Server 2016


Backup your current server.

Back up your current Web Viewer files.  In particular, you will need:
  • Your current configuration files as you should be able to just use these. They are text files. These are in the config subdirectory under your Install directory path: and
  • Your derby database if you are using internal derby
  • Your server.xml file if you are using SSL and your current .jks certificate - this will be good as you are still on the same server
  • Download the latest install image (.iso) which is available on It includes all maintenance through cumulative build 179 and only maintenance greater than build 179 should be applied on it. It includes Tomcat 8.5.4 when doing a full install. 


Download files you will need from

  1. Go to and login.
  2. Click on Download Management 
  3. In the box that says 'Search by Product Name, start typing Web V and select CA Output Management Web Viewer 
  4. Click on WEB VIEWER in the box below 
  5. Make sure Product Download is selected. 
  6. Click on the name of your product 
  7. Click on the cloud icon to the right of the .iso to download
  8. If you had the internal derby database, you can use that and will need to back it up from C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\database - everything from \admin and below and restore it after you have installed Or if you had an external database for your previous install, you can continue to use that also. The properties files will contain the configuration information for your external database.
  9. Download the latest maintenance to apply after the install is complete. See How to locate the latest build (maintenance) for CA Output Management Web Viewer 12.1?
  10. Download the Web Viewer Tomcat maintenance.  Tomcat maintenance is not cumulative.  Read the patch notes supplied with the latest build you downloaded for the apar number for the latest Tomcat Build.  Search on for the apar and download it.

Prepare the Windows 2016 server

  1. Make sure the server has enough RAM for the heap size.  16GB is recommended.
  2. You will need a 64 bit version of Java JRE or JDK. Up to Java 11 is certified. 


  1. Extract the CAOMVW,exe file from the .iso install file using Winzip or any unzip app
  2. Click on it to start the install.
  3. The install will stop the Tomcat service
  4. Follow prompts and select yes for Tomcat as a service.
  5. When it completes, copy the .properties files into C:\Program Files\CA\CA_OM_Web_Viewer\config, for example
  6. If using the internal Derby Database, restore the database files.
  7. If using SSL or TLS,  copy the server.xml file to restore the encrypted port numbers.
  8. After the install is complete restart the Tomcat service and set it to come up automatically
  9. Bring up Web Viewer to complete the install.
  10. Verify that the heap size is sufficient.

Apply Maintenance

  1. Apply the latest maintenance you downloaded in preparation for the install. 
  2. Apply the Tomcat maintenance you downloaded.  Follow the special instructions carefully.

Additional Information

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