Disconnect between USM Inventory and admin console display for some robots


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Disconnect in display between USM Inventory and admin console for some robots.


- robot naming/DNS issues
- robot configuration


- UIM 8.5.1


Tools->Connect for the given robot(s) ->Get Info displayed the message "This robot must be moved to a hub for it to be manageable." After determining which hub the customer wanted the robots to belong to, we successfully moved the robots to their proper hub.

nslookup of each original robot hostname yielded different results for the hostname versus the IP. nslookup of the IP yielded a different hostname. In both cases we had two similar hostnames with different IPs: ramxxxxtimp01 and vramxxxxtimp01 as well as: rdtnabxxxxx01 and vrdtnabxxxxx01

Therefore, we opened the controller probe and set a specific hostname and specific IP for each robot. In both cases, the robot then showed up in the Infrastructure Manager as well as the Admin Console.