Using REST API, is it possible to access objects from different tables via "dot walking"?


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Our goal is to retrieve elements of tables that are pointed (referred) by elements in a table we get via routing. We are using Service Desk Rest API in order to obtain data from objects. We need to get objects that belong to different tables. These tables are related with foreign keys. In the Service Desk itself, it is possible to access objects from different tables via "dot walking".

Is there a similar feature in the Service Desk Rest API? 


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Customer is looking for something like This is not supported by the current design of the REST web services.

As per the Rest DDS [Detailed Design Specification]. * Note: X-Obj-Attrs will not support dotted object notation (e.g. assignee.location) because the response needs to only contain attributes for the requested resource as per REST principles." 

The customer had noticed that the COMMON_NAME value is information from the "name" in the location for a contact record. Thus, they conclude that the location information should be accessible from the cnt record. For example, they would like to use 1 call to access the "city" attribute of a contact record. They had suggested dot notation and have now suggested that configuring COMMON_NAME could perhaps work.  Unfortunately it is not possible to achieve the solution objectives in this way.

REST web services allow access to only one object at a time. So you need to make call to contact object to get the location_uuid and using location_uuid you need to get the location details, thus multiple REST calls are necessary.