Cannot Validate Cluster Clock Synchronization


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Getting the following error message on the vApp dashboard under Provisioning Server and User Store components.
[ERROR] cannot validate cluster clock synchronization - host <IP Address> is unreachable

<Please see attached file for image>

Cannot validate cluster clock synchronization - host is unreachable

When you login to the vApp and run the check_cluster_clock_sync command, it will hang.



This error is happening when there is mounted external network drive in the vApp that is not accessible anymore.


vApp 14.x


Login to the vApp node which the IP address is shown in the error message and run 'mount -l' and identify the unreachable network drive. Unmount the network drive or fix the accessibility of the network drive.
Please refer to the following document for more information about mounting network drive on vApp
Administering Virtual Appliance (refer to Mounting Network Drives section)

Additional Information

How to Mount and Unmount Filesystem in Linux


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