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Is there a way to see Total Capacity in the New UX Staffing Requests Portlet?


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On the New User Experience (UX) Clarity PPM Staffing page, in the bottom pane (Requests), I can search for a specific role and then expand it to see all the project resource requests against this role.
  • The total request (in hours) rolls up to the top of each month column.
  • From here, I am wondering how I can view the actual capacity/availability of the role by month? For example, we have a "Developer" role with 12 named resources assigned to that role in Clarity.
How can I see the total capacity for the role based on those 12 team members? This would be very useful to compare to the project demand total shown in the "Requests" pane.


Component: ODPRM


This is currently not available in the New User Experience.
  • A couple of options to see other resource data:
    • Use a Classic UI Portlet in Home->Resource Planning (See KB KB000023063 for access required to see the Resource Planning section and related portlets associated with this section of Clarity)
    • Use a report such as the Capacity vs Demand by Role to view the capacity data compared to the Demand
  • The data that is available in this portlet would be Hours (or FTE depending on your setting in the New UX Staffing setup) and also Forecast by checking the Forecast check box at the top of the Staffing page.