Error formatting event error on spectrum alert summary after password change


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CA Service Operations Insight (SOI)


After changing the password for the oneclick user the alert summary for spectrum alert shows "Error formatting event 0x21001ajava.lang.NullPointerException". The hex number on each of the summary is different. The following error appears as well in SAM-IntegrationServices_wrapper.log " Keystore was tampered with, or password was incorrect"


Release: SSADSC99000-4.2-Service Operations Insight-Data Source Capacity


Make sure you have the current keystore password at hand before running the following procedure:
- Stop CA SAM Integration Service on the Spectrum connector machine
- Open a DOS window and CD to CA\SOI\Tools folder. This is where the utility to encrypt the password "EncryptSamCreds.bat" exist.
- Run EncryptSamCreds <password>
- Copy the encrypted password
- Edit the spectrum connector configuration file in CA\SOI\resources\Configuration folder
- Go to the line where keystore_password property is and you'll see the current password value, replace it with the newly encrypted password
- Save the file and start CA SAM Integration Service on the Spectrum connector machine