How to access incidents and WF tasks from a tenant to a different tenant


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Customer needs to handle the following scenarios:

Customer has 2 tenants:
. Tenant A
. Tenant B

He needs to attach an incident from tenant Tenant B to a Change Order from Tenant A, however he cannot view those tenants.
Also, he needs to insert a new Workflow task from Tenant B to a Change Order from Tenant A.

Customer has Multi-Tenancy enabled and need to view Incidents and Workflow tasks from a Tenant when is working on a different Tenant.


Service Desk 17.x


To solve it, he set the Tenant A as Parent tenant on Tenant B.

It worked to attach an incident to a change order. However, to insert a workflow task to a change order from a different tenant, he needs to make some customization, because by default, there is no way to choose a different tenant when inserting a new workflow task to a change order.

The tenant field is a read-only set to the current tenant. So the suggestion is to turn this field as a drop-down and make other adjustments needed to choose a different tenant. To reach out this, a customization is needed.

Additional Information

CA Service Management - 17.1 >> Administering >> Administering CA Service Desk Manager >> Multi-Tenancy