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We have a client who wants to use Sailpoint Connector for CA Top Secret. Is there any documentation or information for the CA Top Secret requirements for installing/implementing Sailpoint Connector? It appears to require two started tasks, an exit, and a change to the CA Top Secret Control Option: EXIT. 


Component: TSSMVS


The Sailpoint Connector for CA TopSecret Admin Guide (supplied by Sailpoint) has the CA Top Secret requirements for installing and implementing Sailpoint Connector for Top Secret. 

- The section ‘Define Connector for CA-Top Secret in CA-Top Secret’ starting on page 28 of the Guide explains the started task definitions. Sample definitions can be found in member CTSTSS in the (Sailpoint) INSTALL library. 

- Sailpoint provides their own version of the CA Top Secret installation exit. Section ‘Installing the CA-Top Secret installation exit’ starting on page 36 of the Guide explains the setup and provides the Sailpoint install members to use. 

- EXIT(ON) needs to be set (if not already set) in the TSS parameter file to activate the installation exit. This is step 3 of the section ‘Installing the CA-Top Secret installation exit’. They give the command TSS MODIFY EXIT(ON) (or F TSS,EXIT(ON) ) to dynamically activate the exit. The TSS MODIFY command is only valid until the next recycle of TSS, so EXIT(ON) should be added to the TSS parameter file if it’s not in there already.