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How to use a remote location and GRANT ID in SRS?


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RC Compare for DB2 for z/OS


How to use a required GRANT ID for a remote subsystem in RC/S Security Request Services (SRS).


Component: RCSDB2


In SRS the subsystem can be local or remote. If remote then the SECURE parmlib member must include the appropriate DDF information. 

To define the DDF SSID and Location you should use the EP Edit Parmlib function from the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS Main Menu. 

_ EP Edit Parmlib Members 

Editing the SECURE Parmlib member, you will need to specify Y to provide these additional values: 

Enter RC/Secure DDF info.........> Y 

Then in panel PTEDRS3 you can specify the DB2 ID, DDF SSID and Location. 

You will then use the DB2 ID to access the remote location in SRS. 

To then specify the GRANT ID required for the remote subsystem, we recommended the following: 

If RCSSECID in the SECURE parmlib member is set to YES, a USERID field appears at the top of this screen. By entering a user ID in this field, you can switch to a secondary authorization ID when using SRS. 

RSMENU2 19.0 ------- RC/S Security Request Services ------ 
Command ===> 

Userid ===> SECUSID