DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 85 (001) Datacom CICS


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The Datacom MUF starts without problems, we have 4 CICS with Datacom CICS, but only one connects with the active MUF.

Others are giving return code 85 (001):

DB00501E - OPEN ERROR - RETURN CODE 85 (001)




The return code 85 (001) is documented as follows:

Reason:  The job tried to open more task areas than were available.

85 (001) Explanation: 

The job tried to open more task areas than were available in the TASKS MUF startup option.
If XCF is not being used, the MUF startup option TASKS may have specified an insufficient number.

User response:

Rerun when fewer jobs are executing or change the TASKS MUF startup option.


Release: 15.1  
Component: Datacom CICS Services


Increase the number of tasks on the MUF TASKS startup parameter or decrease the CICS USERS= parameter in DBCVTPR.

Additional Information

See documentation sections TASKS and  Specifying Generation Options (DBCVTPR)

MUF start up TASKS parameter must follow this rule:

MUF TASKS parameter should be GREATER than the sum of the USERS parameters of your different CICS attached to that MUF. 
The MUF TASKS remaining will be used for the Batch jobs, or other jobs attached to the Multi-User like DB Server.

About DBCVTPR USERS= parameter:

The maximum number of concurrent CICS users of the default MUF. These are users with transactions physically waiting on a read event or with requests with exclusive control; that is to say adds, writes, and reads for update. The maximum USERS= value for asynchronous tasks should be less than the value assigned in the TASKS MUF startup option in Datacom/DB.