ConnectException invoking http://<nfa hostname>:8681/NFARS/ribsource/rib/soap?wsdl: Connection refused


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CA Network Flow Analysis (NetQos / NFA)


I am not able to see any NFA data in CAPC and the DMService logs shows the message below:
java.util.concurrent.ExecutionException: Unexpected error occurred while scanning a RIB source 
RIB Source URL: http://<nfa hostname>:8681/NFARS/ribsource/rib/soap?wsdl 

ConnectException invoking http://<nfa hostname>:8681/NFARS/ribsource/rib/soap?wsdl: Connection refused (Connection refused)




1. Attempt to load the URL in the error message while RDP'd directly into the NFA console
If it is working properly it should load an xml type output in the browser.

2. If you see the .xml output, then verify that port 8681 is open between CAPC and the NFA Console on any external firewalls and local firewalls on each server.

3. If the URL doesn't load properly directly on the NFA Server, check to see if the CA NFA RibSource service is running on the NFA Console server, if it is not running start it and test the URL again. If it is already running try restarting the service.

4.  Once the URL loads and/or you opened port 8681, perform a full resync of the NFA Data Source from CAPC, then attempt to view NFA data again from CAPC.

5. If you are still having issues, please download the latest RemoteEngineer tool from and run the Diagnostics scan on the NFA Console Server and the CAPC server and open an issue with Support and please include the RemoteEngineer output.