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Hello, We could see the below information from the document to copy the JAVA plug-in class and copy the class in the plugin directory configured in the CA Identity Portal server. Could you please let me know the directory path to copy the file? Couldn't find any such directory. Developing a Java Plugin Follow these steps: 1.From the CA Identity Portal deployed war, extract the sigma.plugin-0.0.2-SNAPSHOT.jar file. You can find the jar file at sigma.war\WEB-INF\lib. 2.Add that jar to your eclipse project. 3.Create a new java class which extends BasePlugin (BasePlugin is inherited from the sigma-plugin jar). 4.Make sure to implement all required methods. 5.Add the @ExportedServerFunction Annotation on the method you wish to be triggered in the plugin. 6.Once the plugin is completed, copy the complied class to the plugin directory configured in the CA Identity Portal server. 7.Configure the plugin in the Admin UI.


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The Plugins directory is where the administrator places it in the files system of the IP server. You configure it in the IP Admin UI -> Setup -> General configuration, in the field "PluginDir". This is how IP knows where to look for the plugins. Notice that if you have a cluster, all the servers should have the plugins directory. The first suggestion made was to move the plugin folder from c:\program files\sigma to c:\plugin dir we tried the URL /sigma/rest/admin/plugins/refresh but this did not load anything. when we switched back to the page we saw that the plugin loaded. This leads me to say that the problem was that there was a space in the plugin directory. I will make sure engineering knows this, as it is not stated in the documenation that the plugin directory cannot contain a space.