UIM Hub temp queue for sniffer is not clearing


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Hub temp queue for sniffer is not clearing. In hub gui queue L_40 a temp queue is constantly appearing and it appears to be related to Dr Nimbus Sniffer, but the sniffer is not running locally.
Getting regular notification for queue is XXX MB is growing
Would like the issue to be resolved before taking up all disk space.


UIM 8.5x
UIM 9.x


  • By design the temp queue is created only after Dr Nimbus is running the message sniffer, and once Dr Nimbus is closed the temp queue is removed.
  • Dr Nimbus can be running at any system where the IM console is running. Can find and close Dr Nimbus and the temp queue will be gone.
  • Can check the related hub probe in the Status ->Subscribers/Queues section for the address and connection details where this is originating¬†from and stop Dr Nimbus from that location which will in turn close the temp sniffer queue.