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UIM Hub temp queue for DrNimBUS Message Sniffer is not clearing


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


The Hub temp queue for the DrNimBUS Message sniffer is not clearing. In the hub GUI the queue L_40, a temp queue is constantly appearing and it appears to be related to DrNimbus Message Sniffer, but the sniffer is not running locally. We are getting regular notifications for queue XXX MB is growing. Would like the issue to be resolved before it uses up all disk space.


- Leftover DrNimBUS session left open


- UIM any version


  • By design, the temp queue in the Hub Status window is created only after the Message Sniffer is running in DrNimBUS (after selecting the sniffer option and pressing the green arrow to run it).


  • Once the DrNimbus tool is closed the temp queue should be automatically removed.
  • DrNimbus can be running on any system where the IM console is up and running. You can find and close DrNimbus and the temp queue should disappear from the Hub Status window upon refresh.
You can check Hub Status ->'Subscribers/Queues' Tab for the address and connection details where the DrNimBUS session is originating from and stop DrNimbus from that location which will in turn close the temporary Message sniffer queue.
Id: Id of the queue, "Dr.NimBUS (Sniffer)"
Established: Date and time when the queue was first established. (historical)
Address: IP address of the machine where the DrNimBUS application (Tools->DrNimBUS) was started and is currently running.
Connection: IP address of the machine and the connection/port from which DrNimBUS was started and is currently running. Note that this could be a remote machine.

Additional Information

Note that 'temp' subscribers also count in the total number of hub subscribers. temp queue subscribers can be IM GUI sessions started by administrators/NimBUS users.  Temp queues are subscribers which listen for certain messages but do not have defined/permanent 'queues.'

After using DrNimBUS for troubleshooting/diagnostics, make sure you close the DrNimBUS session so it is not left running because it creates a 'busy' temp queue which can have an adverse affect on efficient message transfer/processing.