individual migration of Json file under Admin Repository


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CA Live API Creator


Wants to do export/import the follwing. 
. Rule 
. Filter 
. Event 
. Schema 

It is not export/impor of the whole API but export/impor for each function. 

Is the above possible? 
If yes, What is the export/import method with each function? 
(. Rule . Filter . Event . Schema)


Live API Creator 5.1


Copying the API from your admin repository to the target LAC's admin repository. 
See under <repository>/teamspaces/default/apis/<apiname> 
Note: need to stop/restart your server if manually update the admin file repository.

can also locate them from the admin repository under <repository>/teamspaces/default/apis/<apiname>/
- Rule 
- filters
- data_sources
- request_events 
The schema is part of the data source under the data_sources directory.