EMS ToTRate rule not working


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Time over threshold rate rule is not working.


- unclear documentation


- UIM 8.5.1
- ems 10.20


ToTRate rule can be configured following the steps below.

Configure the threshold values for a metric for which ToT is planned . This can be done using the admin console GUI.

baseline_engine probe monitors the metric threshold values and emits a event when threshold breach happens. This event contains QoS related data.

EMS uses the threshold breach events for processing ToTRate rule .

Action part ( Groovy script ) of the rule will be executed only when the ToT trigger conditions are met. In other words, action part ( Groovy script ) will be executed when the configured metric threshold breach happens for the configured 'thresholdTime' in the rule. ToTRate rule works only on threshold breach events , which contain QoS data. For example "(eventType)1.6:9:threshold.dynamic(/eventType)" . 

One of the reasons for a Groovy script not being executed in an environment could be that the events may not be related to threshold breaches.

UIM probes generate QoS data for metrics. A user can configure dynamic thresholds on QoS data using AC. These thresholds are monitored by the baseline engine on the incoming QoS data from the probes . When a threshold breach happens it creates events and writes to the TOT_RULE_CONFIG queue. The events from this queue are consumed by the ems probe for handling ToT rate rules. Basically these events contain QoS data . 

As the name indicates these are ToT rules, which works only on events containing QoS data. You should include proper eventTypes in the rule. 

Since Boolean express evaluation -1000>=10000 is false, the trigger evaluation is false here. Negative value ( -1000 ) indicates that the event does not have any valid QoS data (e.g., udata.qos.samplerate is -1). You must include proper eventTypes in the rule.

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