12.1 Web Viewer should be listing the Recipients in the drop down box? Seeing a blank box


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His ID is properly set up in Dispatch and attached to 2 Recipients, so it should be listing the Recipients in the drop down box in the first illustration (instead of a blank box).


Component: WBVLUW


The screen prints the customer provided may identify the problem... 

Looks like user is logging on the Web Viewer as "XXXX0N" (that's a zero before the N". But his logon ID in Dispatch (VSGMU235 screen print) looks like it is showing his logon ID defined as "XXXXON" (That's a alpha O before the N". Hence, no recipients are attached to his logon ID when he goes in via Web Viewer.  

This should be an easy fix; by simply defining his correct logon id (with the zero and not the alpha O) on the Dispatch VSGMU235 screen and then linking the appropriate recipient id's to his logon ID.  

Making the above adjustment is definitely worth testing. Would you give the remedy a try and let us know the result?

Additional Information

Problem was resolved as predicted above.