LXX log is full after a log spill was cancelled


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For my QA environment the LXX log filled up, the job to spill was cancelled because we didn't have any spare scratch tapes. I now have many tasks in a waiting state until the LXX log can be cleared. Wondering if I should run a RESET of the LXX, or other? 


Spill full cancelled while executing.


z/os, CA Datacom/DB 15.1


I was able to get a SPILLOPT SPILL=MAX to run...

Specifying SPILLOPT SPILL=MAX indicates that you want the spill to contain the maximum number of blocks including pipeline index/data blocks. If performing a spill specifically to recover a job executed improperly, use SPILL=MAX in case the job recently finished.

See below link for more info:

Additional Information

from docops link related to LXX RESET: 


"...If this function is being considered, review the MUF startup options DORESTART and NORESTART to see if they would provide resolution without resetting the LXX." 

RESET needs the MUF down. 

"This function of DBUTLTY updates the Log Area control record to indicate the Log Area is empty and ready for use."