nslookup in NAS takes 800ms


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DX Infrastructure Management NIMSOFT PROBES


We where reviewing the nas logs and we saw the below type entries:
3 Feb 21 05:13:51:843 [9712] nas: nsLookup ip:<Hostname>.<DomainName>.com => '<Hostname>.<DomainName>.com' in 823ms

Is the time above something we need to address and will this cause a slow down in the processing of alarms?


UIM 9.02 and earlier
NAS 9.06 and earlier


we can see that in the description the nslookup is taking less than 1 second IE 832 ms (Milliseconds)

If this was taking 5-30 seconds this would be an issue.

by default, the name resolution is enabled in nas.
this can be disabled if the local DNS server that the primary hub does not point to a DNS server that has all machines listed in it that are monitored through UIM.

Some clients have separate monitoring areas that do not share DNS.

In this type of case, the nslookup should be disabled so that it does not slow down the processing of alarms as nas will wait for each lookup to finish before moving on to the next alarm.