Need to extend Disk Space of Virtual Appliance Servers


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While upgrading CA Virtual Appliance from 14.1 to 14.2 some issues have been identified extending the disk size using the "resizeDisk"command. 

15 GB minimum disk space is mandated as a pre-requisite, but wen trying to extend disk space by 20 GB it fails to apply the changes.  Only values of over 50 GB are actionable.



The issue is programmatic.


CA Identity Suite vAPP 14.1 CP5 or higher


CA IM Engineering has release a hotfix, (HF-DE365232-20180527-0001.tgz.gpg) to resolve this issue. After applying the fix disk space can be expanded successfully using .

HF-DE365232-20180527-0001.tgz.gpg is available on request from CA Support.

For reference the "resizeDisk"command is detailed below

Allows resizing the file-system size on the "/" volume after the Virtual Disk assigned to the vApp VM has been expanded in the host Virtualization platform.
Example: VMware ESX

The expansion operation in the host Virtualization platform typically requires shutting down the guest VM.

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